CrownBet’s NBA Best Bets – 27/4/2017

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Previous Regular Season Games: 99-114 (28 Oct – Hawks), 92-95 (5 Nov – Wizards), 112-86 (28 Jan – Wizards), 100-104 (23 Mar – Wizards)

Previous Play-off Games: 107-114 (Wizards), 101-109 (Wizards), 98-116 (Hawks), 101-111 (Hawks)

The Wizards return home following consecutive losses to the Hawks that has levelled their Eastern Conference series at 2-2. On the back of 18 and 10 point losses in games 3 and 4 respectively, the Wizards will need to focus on the things they did right in the opening two games to regain momentum.

If punters are placing emphasis on home ground advantage at the Verizon Centre for the Wizards take note that the game is on at 6pm which is an hour earlier than usual. In the crucial first moments of the game when the tone is set, the stadium might not be as full as you might expect.

Final Say: For Washington to win game 5 they will need to start hitting their long shots and keep Makrieff Morris out of foul trouble. The Wizards were one of the better 3-point scoring teams in the regular season, but in the playoffs they are hitting a low 29.7% from the four games (

Morris once again found himself in foul trouble in game 4 and his production and time is reduced when this happens. Keeping him on the floor without fouling will go a long way towards the Wizards winning game 5, but it won’t be enough.

Best Bet: Atlanta Hawks -5.5 ($1.90), Total Points Under 213.5 ($1.87)


Previous Regular Season Games: 99-105 (28 Oct – Bulls), 100-107 (3 Nov – Celtics), 103-104 (17 Feb – Bulls), 80-100 (13 Mar – Celtic)

Previous Play-off Games: 106-102 (Bulls), 111-97 (Bulls), 104-87 (Celtics), 104-95 (Celtics)

After opening up a 2-0 advantage over the number one seeded Celtics, the Bulls have lost the last two games to square up the series at 2-2. It has been a series of momentum with Boston mourning the loss of Isaiah Thomas’s sister in the opening games before the Bulls lost the next two games without point guard Rajon Rondo (fractured right thumb).

The Celtics have been inconsistent on the offensive and defensive boards. The Bulls outrebounded the Celtics 41-44 in game 4, +15 in game 3, +1 in game 2 and +21 in game 1. Based on this trend they are due for an ‘off’ night in game 5.

Final Say: With two of the last three games in the series played in Boston, the Celtics will want to capitalise on defeating the Bulls whilst Rondo is out of the team. With the possibility of Rondo returning for game 6, the Bulls would carry momentum into game 7 if they defeated the Celtics and had their star point guard returning.

If the Celtics can minimise the Bulls rebounding dominance they will be too strong for Chicago.

Best Bet: Boston Celtics -7.5 ($1.89), Total Points Under 203.5 ($1.86)


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